On Saturday, the 27th of May 2017 we hosted the 5th COPESSA Chess Tournament. With hosting this event we want to assist children in terms of education, improve their numeracy and also prevent them from playing unattended on the streets. On this day the ten best players of Team Copessa After-Care Programme were playing against the ten best players of Team Thelumfundo Primary School. In the match, eight of the winners came from team Thelumfundo, which therefor makes the winner of the tournament.

All team players who took part in the Chess tournament received certificates, so that they will feel encouraged and motivated to continue on playing Chess.  Players were enjoying the tournament so much, that they even wanted to continue playing after the end of the event.

The first Copessa Chess tournament was played in 2014 and ever since then Copessa went on to host chess tournaments every year. We are very happy about this fair and ambitious tournament and have even bigger plans for next year. We are hoping to host the biggest Chess tournament in our community by 2018 whereby 10 teams around the community will take part.

Chess is one of the regular activities at the COPESSA After-Care Programme and was introduced in 2014. Besides the fun our kids have while playing, Chess has mental benefits such as improving memory, concentration, logic thinking and helps fight Alzheimer cells, according to scientific studies.IMG-20170531-WA0007IMG-20170531-WA0008IMG-20170531-WA0009IMG-20170531-WA0010