Some of our COPESSA staff attended the walk #notinmyname on Friday, the 26th of May 2017. People from different communities and organizations around Soweto gathered to march against women and child abuse.

The crowd walked from University of Johannesburg to Regina Mundi hall in Rockville, Soweto.

The main purpose of this walk was to make people’s voices heard and to set a sign to end this brutal violence in our society. As an organization trying to prevent child abuse and domestic violence, this was a platform to showcase the love and support we give on a daily basis. As a community based organization, we believe that these great campaigns should be done frequently to make our voices heard and have a significant impact.IMG-20170526-WA0005IMG-20170526-WA0007IMG-20170526-WA0011IMG-20170526-WA0012IMG-20170529-WA0003IMG-20170526-WA0004IMG-20170526-WA0003IMG-20170526-WA0002