On Friday night, 3rd February, there was a break in to one of our containers that we use to facilitate the After Care Programme for school children. In the activity hub for the children all the wiring and electric box got stolen, the lights got destroyed. The lock got smashed so the materials inside the container are no longer safe. It was a great shock for all of us when we found out about this incident.

Sadly one week later, in the night to Thursday, 9th February, we had found that the second container had also been broken into. Here as well all the wiring and the material for the children were stolen and the lock got completely destroyed. Because of the ongoing investigation, we were not able to run the After Care Programme on that Thursday.

We are appealing to you to help us make this community safe for our children. This park was created to be a safe space but as adults we are not protecting it. The children have been greatly affected by this.

Our challenge as COPESSA in the future is: How can we engage the community to work together to fight the vandalism in our community and ensure that our communal spaces are protected?