Creating safe & caring communities for children

Spring Holiday at the After Care Programme

After a busy third term, the school kids could enjoy one week of holidays with a special programme at our After Care containers that we tidied up last Friday. We started off with games and an energetic football match on... Continue Reading →


Children’s Dialogue

On Friday, the 15th September, we had a dialogue at our aftercare programme at Copessa Play Park to discuss our services with the children, learn more about their points of view and how we can improve. It was furthermore an... Continue Reading →

A new Front Yard

It’s spring at COPESSA which means it’s time to knock the office into shape for great things coming up. Thus on Thursday, the 14th September, we the COPESSA staff and volunteers gathered at 9:30 a.m. to tidy up the front... Continue Reading →

Forgiveness in our Community

Led by our facilitator Gopie Maremela, September’s Community Dialogue about forgiveness took place on the 22nd at COPESSA Park. After a short recap of last month’s topic, relationships, the participating community members started discussing what forgiveness meant to them, why... Continue Reading →

Copessa Business Breakfast

On the 30th June 2017 Copessa hosted their first very intimate Business Breakfast with a difference at the Glenvista Country Club. At the heart of the meeting was connecting with the conscience of influential people with various business backgrounds. Our... Continue Reading →

Child Protection Week 2017

Once more it was Child Protection Week and COPESSA took action in the community of Protea Glen. On the 2nd of June 2017, Copessa held a Child protection awareness talk at the two local Primary Schools Basa and Faranani Primary... Continue Reading →

After-Care Chess Tournament 2017

On Saturday, the 27th of May 2017 we hosted the 5th COPESSA Chess Tournament. With hosting this event we want to assist children in terms of education, improve their numeracy and also prevent them from playing unattended on the streets.... Continue Reading →

#notinmyname – walking for a change

Some of our COPESSA staff attended the walk #notinmyname on Friday, the 26th of May 2017. People from different communities and organizations around Soweto gathered to march against women and child abuse. The crowd walked from University of Johannesburg to... Continue Reading →

Break-ins into our After-Care Containers

On Friday night, 3rd February, there was a break in to one of our containers that we use to facilitate the After Care Programme for school children. In the activity hub for the children all the wiring and electric box... Continue Reading →

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